Power Unlimited, Inc: Electrical Contractors

In order to achieve maximum performance and keep consumption low, you need professional advice and solutions for your electrical needs. Power Unlimited offers a comprehensive range of electrical contracting services. We strive to be a leader in meeting customer expectations, both on time and within budget. Our highly trained electricians are available to handle all aspects of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 


On the following pages you will find detailed information on our services and range of consultation for electrical installations. 


We look forward to hearing from you! 

Our Company

The methods we employ are modern and reliable. We use the latest technology to seamlessly execute your project and will be glad to explain the work we are performing in easy-to-understand terms. 




The wiring of your company or home is important. By employing the right technology you not only save money and energy, but also gain peace of mind.



Power Unlimited has the expertise in all residental services required for new, remodeled, renovated homes or expansions to existing homes. We also have the expertise in providing electrical services for the commercial industry in ground-up projects, renovations, tenant fitouts, and expansions. See our "Services Provided" page for an exact list of services we offer.